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Our coalition of physician and patient organizations and thought leaders believe that:

  • Health care is fundamentally about the physician/patient relationship.
  • Health care can be transformed through price transparency, access, and choice.
  • Health care is personal, not partisan.

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Our Goals

Strengthening the physician/patient relationship drives everything we do. Period.

Openness. Competition. Transparency.

Unmask the twisted economics of the American health care system.

Price discovery — prior to care — allows patients to shop for care in a competitive market. It empowers them with the information they need to reduce their healthcare costs. And it encourages providers and insurers to compete for their business.

Physician-Led Care

Eliminate the middlemen.

Insurers, hospital systems, and regulators have a stranglehold on our system — preventing employers and patients from getting the care they need, when they need it, and at a price they can afford.

We’re out to end that.

A sensible safety net.

Educate and elevate the forgotten.

Our impoverished and uninsured neighbors — especially those who are in desperate need of treatment for mental illness and those in our rural communities — deserve freedom from the fear of pre-existing conditions and help navigating our complex, poorly-performing system.

This is critical to our growth as a nation and is consistent with the physician’s Hippocratic Oath.

A more direct path forward.

Remove burdensome obstacles.

There’s no shortage of wasteful organizations extracting resources from our health care system — and providing little value to doctors or patients.

Legacy groups that merely claim to advocate for physicians — coupled with the growing number of corporate entities intent on interfering in the doctor-patient relationship — have a new adversary in the ongoing war against the practice of medicine.

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Read our full platform — Free2Care’s Rx for Reforming America’s Predatory Healthcare System: A Physician-Led Roadmap to Patient-Centered Medical Care

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